Cybertory™ Phase I Resources

This page indexes the Internet resources developed under Phase I of the Cybertory™ molecular biology simulation software project. Current work is hosted at and

Many of the programs presented here have been described in the Internet OnRamp section of the journal BioTechniques.
Visit the BioTechniques web site for a list of web bookmarks from OnRamp articles, and to download copies of articles in PDF format. You need a subscription number to download articles; subscriptions are free to qualified researchers in the US.

Enter the CybertoryTM Virtual Molecular Biology Lab.

Go to the CybertoryTM sequence analysis tools.

Beta Testing Program

The beta testing program is currently open to qualified teachers and scientists. Please write to Dr. Horton to describe yourself, your position, and why you are interested in this project. Beta Testers must sign up for the mailing list, and will receive a downloadable version of the program.

See the Instructions for Beta Testers for more details about the project.

CybertoryTM Laboratory Manual

This manual outlines six lessons related to genetic diagnosis of Sickle Cell anemia. It is intended for use only by registered beta testers and their students. Any other use may be a violation of the copyright. Registration to become a beta tester is quick and painless; just send an e-mail message to to request that you be added to the mailing list. Postings on the list are moderated.

Beta testers may download the Cybertory Laboratory Manual in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (75K, 26 printed pages).

If this file does not display correctly on your computer, another format is available with embedded fonts. The file is slightly larger (124K for the same 26 printed pages), and it only seems to work on Acrobat 4.0. The contents of both formats are the same.

These screen shots show how the screen should appear at various stages.

Sequencing Gel Demo

The beta test version of the sequencing gel demo is not a simulator; that's on the way. But it lets you choose your own primers and template sequences, and see what the resulting sequencing gels would look like. The animation is fairly smooth on a fast computer (G3 233 or PII300) On an older Pentium or PowerMac you can still see what the resulting gel would look like, but it is jerky and takes a while to run. Turn up the virtual voltage to make it run faster.

Cybertory mailing list

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