Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement

In consideration of my engagement by ATTOTRON BIOSENSOR CORPORATION, a

Nevada Corporation, (hereinafter "Company") in the development

of the NIH SBIR Grant No. 1 R43 RR13645-01, "Virtual Laboratory

Molecular Biology Teaching Software©" 1 and the benefits

provided me thereby, and for good and valuable consideration, I covenant

and agree for the benefit of the Company as follows:

The Beta Tester has the right to use the software in the classroom and

to let students use it in conjunction with the classes.

The Beta Tester does not have the right to distribute the software to

other teachers or to distribute it by web page or by any other means,

without written permission of company.

Any lessons or virtual exeriments developed by the Beta Tester are the

property of the Beta Tester. But the CybertoryTM 2 Equipment

Simulation Software©1 and any exercises or experiments developed by

the Company remain the property of the Company.

Confidentiality rights extend to all algorithms, all images and all

functions except as noted within the program and remain the property of

the Company.

Beta Tester agrees to have his or her name put on the Company's e-mail

list server devoted to this product.

DATED: This ___ day of ___, 199__.

Beta Tester

Name:	___________________________________________________


Signature:	___________________________________________________

E-mail address:_________________________________________________

    1. Copyright © 1998, Attotron Biosensor Corporation

    2. Trademark, registered 1998,  Attotron Biosensor Corporation

          Mail completed and signed form to:

               Cybertory Beta Testers

               Attotron Biosensor Corporation

               106 E. Adams St. Suite 210

               Carson City, NV 89701 USA