This page launches the CybertoryTM laboratory simulation program in a window of fixed size.

Netscape Navigator version 4.06 or higher is required.
Communicator 4.5 is recommended.
This program will not work on Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Netscape versions greater than 4, or any other modern browser.

Choose a button to launch CybertoryTM in kiosk mode. The program is designed to run at 800 x 600 pixels resolution. If you need to use a low resolution monitor, or a television, use 640 x 480. Use 1024 x 768 if you want to block the view of whatever else might be on your desktop.

©1998,1999 Attotron Biosensor Corporation. This is a beta version (prototype), and is intended for evaluation purposes. Neither this program nor any of its parts may be distributed for any commercial purpose without written permission from Attotron Biosensor Corporation. Email: Web site: