Polymerase Chain Reaction Quiz

    1. Which of the following is an advantage of single-primer PCR?

      Less synthetic DNA is incorporated into the product.

      Unknown sequence adjacent to a known sequence can be amplified with a single primer.

      No primer-dimer artifacts.

    2. Which end of a PCR primer can be extended by polymerase?

      The 1' end.

      The 2' end.

      The 3' end.

      The 4' end.

      The 5' end.

    3. Which nuclease activity does Taq polymerase NOT have?

      5' to 3'

      3' to 5'

    4. Which of the following significantly inhibits PCR?

      12% sucrose

      Wooden toothpicks made of birch.

      0.2mM cresol red.

    5. What is the minimum time required for denaturation in rapid-cycle PCR?

      One minute.

      30 seconds.

      Less than one second.

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