Presentation Maker

Part of the QuizMaker Suite of freeware authoring tools for teachers, from Attotron Biosensor Corporation.

Presentation Maker creates a "slide show" from plain text that you copy or type into its upper text area. When you click the "Make HTML" button, the code for the slide show page will be created in the bottom text area. Clicking "Preview" opens a new window containing your presentation.

Download zip file or Windows self-extracting archive.

To save a presentation, DO NOT use "File:Save As..." from the preview window. This will not properly save the javascript functions that the presentation needs. Instead, copy the contents of the HTML window, paste them into a text editor or word processor, and save as text, in a file named with an ".HTM" or ".HTML" extension.

Sample input data:

Slide 1
by Bob
Slide 2
This is a bullet list:
-first this.
-then that
-finally, the other thing
Here is a link to a web page:
Here is a GIF image:

... and finally ...
Here is a hemoglobin molecule:

Copy the red text above, and paste it into the top text area of PresentaionMaker. then click "Make HTML" and "Preview". Here is what the presentation should look like.

Questions and comments are welcome.