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Web-based Authoring Tools for Scientists and Teachers.

Many of the programs presented here have been described in the Internet OnRamp section of the journal BioTechniques.
Visit the BioTechniques web site for a list of web bookmarks from OnRamp articles, and to download copies of articles in PDF format. You need a subscription number to download articles; subscriptions are free to qualified researchers in the US.

New! Perl QuizMaker

... a program to write Javascript quizzes in batch mode from "human-readable" data files. This program also creates an automatically cross-referenced hypertext dictionary, and links terms from the feedback messages of the quizzes to their definitions in the dictionary. See molecular biology and dermatology example quiz sets with dictionaries.

Download all of the program, data, javascript, and html quizzes in one archived file:

Or get the individual files:

Please note that the line feed characters used in your text data files are extremely important; they must be appropriate for your computer. The data files linked here have carriage returns compatible with Windows.

Perl is free for many types of computers, including Macintosh and Windows.

The Original Quizmaker is a Javascript program for making interactive web page tutorials in a question-and-answer format. Requires Netscape Navgator version 3 or higher.

Image Mapper Version 1.0. JavaScript program for making client-side image maps. This program extracts coordinates from mouse clicks and defines circular, rectangular, polygonal, and default hotspots in the image of your choice. Links can be made to other URLs or to alert boxes. Requires Netscape Navgator version 2 or higher. For offline use, download the zip file or the self extracting archive (DOS/Win).

Presentation Maker, for creating virtual slide shows. Includes ability to auto-embed molecular structure files.

NEW! Student-level biological Sequence Analysis Tools: translation/reverse translation, sequence manipulation, etc. - even a program to encode secret messages in DNA...

Beta versions:

Question Parser beta version. Translates plain text question and answer files into the tagged format used by Image Maker. Text is pasted into the input window; pressing "go" adds the tags and sends the results to the output window. The first line is taken as the quiz title; lines immediately following are assumed to be the first question segment. A blank line starts a new question segment. The first line of each question segment will be tagged as the question, the next will be multiple choice answer A, the next will be the feedback to answer A, etc. for a total of up to 5 answers per question. Some familiarity with the Quizmaker text input format is still needed, but the parser at least saves some typing. This beta version works on the Macintosh, but does not work correctly on Windows yet, because of the way line feeds are handled.

NEW!Mo-Beta Question Parser beta version. Takes untagged quiz data, adds tags, and makes quiz HTML. Uses Netscape 4's new regular expression functions. Much faster than the qparser above, but a bit more buggy. Only tested on Netscape 4.03 and 4.06 for Mac. Will not work on IE. This parser can add tags to untagged data, and also output either "practice" format or "auto graded" format HTML; stay tuned for the autograder!

TableMaker beta version. This is a simple parser to translate tab-delimited data (the format used in most spreadsheets) into simple HTML tables. This version works on Macintoshes under Netscape 4, but it still has a few bugs under Windows (having to do with line feeds).

These programs are copyright 1997, 1998, 1999 by Attotron Biosensor Corporation. They are made available at no cost as a service to the academic community, but may not be redistributed for commercial purposes without permission. Please direct questions and comments to info@attotron.com.

Quizmaker Examples:

The following are examples of quizzes on the World Wide Web made with Quizmaker:

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Most of these JavaScript quizzes can serve as templates for writing your own.

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